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Festival Foods Scrip Program

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  • Festival Foods Scrip Guests,

    Festival Foods is proud to give back to the communities we serve. We work hard to continuously enrich our communities through charitable giving as well as event sponsorship in our areas. It has also been our pleasure to serve you with our Scrip Program for many years. Festival Foods has given $1.75 million over the last 5 years of the Scrip Program to nonprofit organizations in the communities we serve.

    We are pleased to share an update we’ve made that will enhance our growing Scrip Program. We have transitioned to a new and improved scrip card fulfillment program by partnering with Great Lakes Scrip Center (GLSC) – an organization that offers scrip cards for over 750 retailers. Guests can now direct all Festival Foods scrip purchases through GLSC. For more information on GLSC, visit To register with GLSC, visit Shop With Scrip.

    We appreciate you choosing to be a guest at Festival Foods and look forward to serving you in the future!

    Your friends at Festival Foods

  • Contact Us

    Great Lakes Scrip Center (GLSC):
    Phone: 800-727-4715 option 5

    Festival Foods Scrip Program:
    Phone: 608-783-5500

Try our new and improve scrip card fulfillment program.

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Q: Will my account information automatically be transitioned to GLSC?

A: No, if your organization does not currently have a GLSC account, you will set up a new account with GLSC at

Q: How will I receive my scrip?

A: You will receive your scrip via FedEx delivery to your organization. GLSC ships via FedEx from Grand Rapids, MI. Orders placed by 2 PM Monday through Friday will ship the next business day. Depending on the shipping option you choose at checkout, your order will arrive 1-2 days after it is shipped.

Q: Will I still be able to pick up my scrip cards at the store?

A: We will no longer offer a store pick up option. You will now order online and the order will be shipped directly to your organization.

Q: How will I pay for cards?

A: GLSC has the same payment options that Festival Foods offered: ACH or check.

Q: Will I still receive a 3% discount?

A: Yes, your discount will be 3%.

Q: Will I still be able to order the same denominations that were previously offered? ($25, $50, $100, $500)?

A: $25 and $100 cards will be available for purchase. $50 cards will be available at special request to GLSC. $500 cards will no longer be available.